Levis 550 Mens Jeans Relaxed Fit

These Levis 550 mens relaxed fit jeans are made of extremely high quality denim. Mens Levis 550 jeans are great for work ware or dress pants. The care is actually minimal. They feel and appear extraordinary.

Mens jeans outlet is committed to helping men purchase the appropriate pair of denim jeans. We know that for a guy, finding a comfortable pair of jeans isn’t all about choosing the right size. It is also about finding the right style.

Levis 550 Mens Jeans

Medium Stonewash

Medium Stonewash

Dark Stonewash

Dark Stonewash

Light Stonewash

Light Stonewash

Levis 550 Black


Levis 550 Rinse


Levis 550 Plank


Levis 550 Range


Levis 550 Inspector


Levis 550 Dark


Big and Tall

Big and Tall


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Relaxed vs Loose vs Regular Fit

Mens Relaxed Fit Jeans:
Levis 550 Relaxed jeans typically are positioned within the normal midsection. They have a little larger sized leg openings, a fuller seat. Relaxed Levis 550 fit includes more room in the upper leg. With a higher rise, When compared to regular fitting jeans. Relaxed fit blue jeans are designed for all day comfort. With more space within seat and thighs. Without having a sagging feel.

Mens Loose Fit Jeans:
Loose fit jeans have even more room throughout the seat and thighs. They may feel a bit baggy depending on a man’s body type. Loose fit jeans are referred to as “athletic fit”. They are a great choice for athletic men with rather large, or muscular legs. Men’s loose fit jeans typically sit below the waist and have a straight leg opening.

Regular Fit Jeans:
Regular fit jeans commonly remain near your midsection. They are cut straight throughout the seat, upper leg, and leg opening. Regular denim jeans have limited freedom throughout the seat and upper leg. Comparison with Levis 550 relaxed jeans. They are a good choice for toned men. Who feel that the relaxed fit is a bit to baggy.